About SJ&A

SJ&A is a full-service business development firm dedicated to serving both the government business environment and those in the commercial marketplace: from capture management and proposals to strategic planning and the support of mergers and acquisitions. We serve clients of all sizes—from small 8(a) companies to Fortune 500s.

At the core of our support is a well-respected, highly energetic team—each with superlative credentials in their specialty.  This same core team had its start 15 years ago at Advantage Consulting, Inc.—a company founded by Sid Jaffe in 1992 and sold in 2012.

How We Work With You

SJ&A’s approach to assisting our clients in today’s business environment is practical. With an average of 20 years in the business—on both sides of the procurement process—we bring tactical, cost-effective solutions that leverage the resources you have.

Our work is based on an hourly fee—except for our fixed-price SHRED-to-RED© Proposal Services—or on a retainer basis.  Many clients use SJ&A as an adjunct of their staff—calling on us not only for a specific initiative, but for day-to-day support needs.